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Why Functional Nutrition?

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on October 18, 2017

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Functional nutrition, a type of functional medicine, focuses on using healthy, natural foods to help people improve their health. Functional nutritionists provide flexible, individualized care to each person based on their needs. Each person may have a different functional nutrition treatment based on what will be most effective to improve their physical, mental and even spiritual health

This type of individualized care is a hallmark of functional medicine. Functional medicine practices don’t provide a one-size-fits-all common treatment, but they focus on ensuring that each individual receives the care that is right for them. Functional medicine also focuses on improving health by acknowledging how each organ and part of the body work together to achieve optimal function.

This patient-centered, holistic approach has many benefits when it comes to functional nutrition. Functional nutrition looks at the ways food affects the entire body and how foods affect different people. A functional nutritionist will consider a person’s current health conditions, how that affects their holistic health and how different foods will affect their overall health to create a personalized nutrition plan.

As medicine continues to become more individualized, functional nutrition can play a larger role in comprehensive care for patients.

Already functional nutrition is playing a larger role in integrative medicine practices such as massage therapy, chiropractic services, acupuncture, and more. Functional nutrition allows these practitioners to provide more holistic care, providing support and treatment for each aspect of a person’s health.

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The Goal

My goal is to promote health and vitality in each client I coach. During our time together, I will conduct an expansive functional nutrition interview. I want to hear your story. Everything matters, and everything is connected in the body.


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Detail how your body works and operates within your personalized health environment.


Make nutrition &  lifestyle recommendations that will assist you in becoming your best.


A meaningful and cooperative coaching relationship creates the best health

Put the Puzzle Pieces Together

Initial Consultation - Conduct an expansive functional nutrition interview.

Follow Up Sessions - Review your personalized functional nutrition matrix.

Accountability Sessions - Continued reinforcement and/or exploration.

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Michelle Gentile BSN, RN

Michelle Gentile is a Registered Nurse and a graduate of Bellarmine University in 1989, where she earned a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. From there, she has accumulated 30 years of nursing experience in a variety of settings, treating patients from the young to the old. Over the last decade, Michelle was introduced to the world of Functional Health and developed a passion for it. In her extensive experience at a Functional Medicine Integrative Health medical office, she has found the functional health model could be expanded, as coaching of the whole person, especially in regards to diet and lifestyle, is vital to both short and long term health goals. Joining together on a collaborative journey with the client, Michelle works to give you a better way of life, and get at the root of your health.


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