Music, Money, Murder

A Novel By Kayo Jones

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From author Kayo Jones comes an urban contemporary story of one family's climb, after a generation of hard work, from the projects to the American dream and the challenges waiting there.

A 4.7 Share follows a family of five who make their way out of the Chicago housing projects to live the American dream in the suburbs after an unexpected windfall. With enough money to change their lives, but not set them for life, any and everything will come at them.

This family soon spins completely out of control.

This is an urban odyssey of more money, more problems.

Kayo takes his readers on an exhilarating geographical and cultural journey.

Kayo takes his readers on an exhilarating, geographical and cultural journey—from the Chicago projects to the bright lights of Los Angeles, the warm waters of South Beach, the foothills of Denver, and the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam—as well as an emotional journey of laughter, heartache, and change for this family, culminating with the right of passage that transfers the torch from the old to the young whose time has now come.


Simone was looking a lot better, healing from the beating KG and his men delivered three years ago. She no longer walked with a cane but still had a slight limp; her scars were healing after a couple of minor surgeries. … His reflective trance was interrupted by the sound of a landline phone in the flat. … He and Simone only used cell phones, never the same ones or the same numbers for too long. … Richard’s blood ran cold as his worse suspicions and nightmares were confirmed.

Darren jumped into his black Expedition. “Another day another way,” he said to himself, tossing up the deuces to his co-workers and booming out of the lot. One rap song after another, from Ty Dolla Sign to Post Malone, spit about poppin’ bottles, hot whips, designer clothes and trips to Rodeo until Darren’s weakness showed. Listening to the music, he thought to himself…what the hell happened to my life? I was supposed to be a millionaire by now.

Another reporter’s voice rang over the others competing for Anna’s attention, “Violent crime in Chicago’s urban areas continues to be a problem as well as youth shootings. Are the police overwhelmed?” … Richard watched his wife answer the questions. He often forgot how smart she really was … One of the reporters … yelled over the love fest with his voice piercing the room, “I heard the police have two suspects in custody, two young Black males, gang members, juveniles you’ve dealt with before!” … The light breezy air seemed to have a journalistic cold front come over it, stirring the sharks that were now scribbling, typing and whispering into their devices.

An edgy but heartwarming story of a family that made it out and would do anything to avoid going back! 

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This book is dedicated to an industry I had the pleasure and good fortune to work in for over 25 years—Radio. It has taken me to some amazing places and allowed me to meet some amazing people along the way—Grammy and Oscar winners, world champions, best-selling authors, and political figures, including a U.S. President. Most of all, it is dedicated to the people I had the honor to call colleagues—the DJs. Anybody who’s ever opened that microphone and stuck the perfect break, to the program director’s delight. Anyone who’s watched the door for a headcount at his or her event—then rocked it for 3 or 3000, or mixed and blended the perfect beats in the club to watch the dance floor go crazy. All these things make a true DJ look up and scream, “I was born for this!”


Kayo Jones is a former on-air radio personality and DJ of over 25 years. He has worked in several different genres in cities such as Miami, Nashville, Orlando, Denver and many others, all of which are represented in the book A 4.7 SHARE. A native of Kentucky, he now resides in Louisville. He hopes you enjoy his first urban novel and thanks you for your interest.