When health issues, stress, and the tremendous demands on your time at home and at work begin to negatively impact your relationships, your health, your motivation, and productivity - you want a comprehensive plan with a highly-skilled, experienced professional so you can leave behind the health concerns, stress, and burnout and instead start bringing your optimal performance to both work and your personal life to maximize every opportunity for well-being!

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Professional men and women who seem to be on a great path until stress and the tremendous demands on their time gradually take a toll, causing health, family relationships, and work productivity to suffer. Job performance becomes lackluster while stress and poor eating habits cause health issues that can cost tens of thousands of dollars in health care expenses, as well as the loss of earnings from missed opportunities. They feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and defeated.

We understand your frustration about your health, your motivation, your work/life balance, and what it’s like to experience low productivity. We know you want the confidence that comes from improved health and well-being.

We help you identify the internal and external triggers that impact your health, mood, drain your energy, and lead to poor performance.

Our comprehensive science-based solutions address health concerns, weight management, healthy eating, and career motivation.

Improved Health & Success



Identify triggers that impact your health, mood, drain your energy and lead to feeling down.



Activate state-of-the art testing to highlight your unique bio-individuality.

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Reduce health risks caused by stress, poor nutrition and bad sleep habits.



Transform: improved health, enhanced relationships,  and confidence.

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Improved Health & Success

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At Spheric Health we know that you want to optimize your health, enhance your relationships, reduce stress, and improve your work/life balance while still increasing your productivity and earning potential. In order to do that, you need a tailored solution that takes your specific bio individuality into account.

The problem is you have tremendous responsibilities at work and at home. You have a lot on your plate and you fear burnout is just around the corner which makes you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and defeated. 

We understand you may be frustrated about your health, your weight, your lack of motivation, or your job success. We know what it’s like to have relationships suffer because the candle is being at both ends. We can help you identify the internal and external triggers that impact your mood, drain your energy, and lead to poor decision-making. We identify trouble zones that impact your relationships and your career to give you accountability, support, and the tools and resources you need to make corrections.

We get that you want the confidence that comes from improved health, better body image, and success which is why we started Spheric Health.

With 25 years of experience in leadership, sales, coaching, and mentoring, I know how poor health, excess weight, and the demands on your time from home and work can be a detriment to your relationships, your ability to think clearly, and your earning potential.

My own journey of weight loss and getting healthy means I understand what it’s like to have a toxic relationship with food—eating as a crutch, a reward, or to numb the emotions.

My solution can help slow or eliminate progression of chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. We uncover foods that you should avoid because they cause inflammation and disease and fail to work with YOUR biology. We replace them with choices that promote diversity and restore your gut health and body as a whole.

This is not a rabbit food diet or P90X workout. It’s a customized solution based on what your individual body requires to be healthy and strong.

This will help reduce your anxiety about body image and increase your confidence.




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