Coronavirus (COVID-19) solutions and infection control technologies for commercial buildings
– an incredibly timely response for now and in the future.

AtmosAir (BPI) is the most effective indoor air quality solution that actively reduces VOCs, bacteria, viruses, dust particles, mold spores, and odors in the space where you breathe. Ideal for commercial and residential.

Help Flatten the Curve. 24/7 disinfection of air and surfaces. Immediate, durable and consistent


"AtmosAir Bi-polar ionization (BPI) is the most effective system for continuously cleaning and decontaminating indoor air"

Dr. Philip M. Tierno, Jr.
Professor of Microbiology & Pathology NYU School of Medicine
NYU Langone Medical Center
US Member of the Global Hygiene Council


Bi-polar ionization has long been validated as an effective way to minimize risk from airborne threats. The air we breathe and the surfaces we touch are both continuously treated, automatically – 24/7.

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CES has a dedicated team focused on helping to solve the critical health issue of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’S) through technologies. We have researched and vetted the most effective technologies and now offer a multidisciplinary approach designed to capture, render inert and eliminate the threat, while improving the overall quality of the air we breath inside some of our most important and community facilities

We are Certified Healthcare Contractors

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Educational facilities are among the most heavily used in our society. We understand the value of optimized environmental controls has on learning, mood and productivity. Our suite of technologies are largely passive, and proven to be effective while lowering energy costs across the facility or campus.

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Government facilities have a responsibility to provide citizens with quality services while managing costs to the taxpayer. We understand the unique energy, air quality, and water conservation challenges found in government offices, storage facilities, healthcare facilities, and prisons. CES is experienced and proficient in navigating the protocols necessary to assure compliance, effectiveness and reporting.

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We understand the challenges businesses face to reduce costs and maximize productivity. CES has developed a suite of solutions to meet a company’s immediate needs and long-term goals

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Our goal is to meet the unique needs of complex industrial facilities without disrupting operations or employees. We locate opportunities to reduce costs and maintenance, improve operations, and increase the life and reliability of assets. CES performs whole facility power quality projects, lighting upgrades, and water efficiency solutions.

Critical Environmental Solutions delivers predictable, practical and proven solutions for leading edge infection control technology. Veteran owned and operated; we fight ‘Germ Warfare’ for our communities.

However, there is no ‘magic bullet’ and really no such thing as ‘infection prevention’ – but a smart approach with complimentary tactics yields significant and measurable results. Additionally, our tech saves precious resources (energy and water) making a payback / ROI very favorable, and multiple buying options are available at home or at work.

Our focus is on maintaining germ free air and water during normal operations, when occupied and active.

Critical Environmental Solutions delivers predictable, practical and proven solutions for leading edge infection control


Veteran Owned and Operated

As US Veterans and experienced professionals, we are highly proficient at planning and executing complex projects in complex environments. Every project is designed and executed with a military mindset of precision and achieving the objective without delay or excuses. Honor and integrity drive our performance. We are skilled, engaged and prepared. 

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