Infection control technologies for commercial buildings and residential

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Atmos Air

Continuous disinfection of the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch. Immediately effective.

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Seals ductwork from the inside out – quickly.
Immediately effective.

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Prevents and removes scale, bio and algae as well as waterborne pathogens. Immediately effective.

What Atmos Air, Aeroseal and Hydroflow all have in common:

 Active, automatic infection control – 24/7

 Immediately effective

 Risk reduction

 Whole or targeted facility applications

 Maintenance free / short payback

 Environmentally friendly

 Little or no operational interference

Eliminate the threats:

Your home should be your safe haven and you need to know that your place isn’t making you sick. Imagine what it will be like when you feel better you can get back your health, work, and enjoy life again. 

• Controlled & continuous disinfection of the air you breathe
• Immediate effects
• Longterm results
• Feel better
• Breathe better
• Improve health & Productivity
• Energy efficiency

Get Results

Indoor air pollutants may be greater and cause more harm than those related to outdoor pollution.

We spend 90% of our time indoors.

• Allergies & asthma
• Disease risks
• Longterm effects
• Loss time of work
• Medical bills
• Socially inactive

Value Proposition:

 Breathe Better

 Get Immediate Results

 Gain Productivity and Efficiency


When you are busy running to the doctor, maintaining life and trying to work you don’t have time to research and alleviate the threat of indoor pollutants. We can do this for you so you can get back to work and enjoy your life.

 Evaluation - Answer our questions through a call or in person consultation to discover your risk areas. (Risk assessment)

 Inspection & Proposal - We will do an in person visit to get eyes on the threats and see what remediation is needed. We will propose options to eliminate the risks and remove the threats.

 Get results - schedule your treatment and get immediate results

Clients Include

Like so many adults and children your indoor air and water are impacting your health with pollutants that cause sickness, disease, medical costs and shorten life expectancy from indoor pollutants because we spend 90% of our time indoors. CES solves your poor air and water quality issues with their specialized experience and training in Environmental Policy & Management so you can eliminate these threats and get back your health and enjoy life again.

 Bob has environmental training from his service in the military forces

 Degree in environmental policy and management

 Member of KSHE

 Testimonials of measurable results

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